Lesson learned

I was at a family session recently, and everything was going great. The natural window lighting was perfect, the clients were happy, and they listened to my clothing suggestion, which always is greatly appreciated and makes the photos look very nice. I was feeling pretty confident about the upcoming results. But then, something unexpected happened. I realized that I had forgotten my memory card. Can you imagine that? I had all my gear, baby clothes, headbands, and props with me, but I couldn’t capture any photos without having the memory card. It was a nightmare come true. Inside, I was panicking. Let me just say that I never ever take my memory cards out of my camera because I don’t want to scratch them too much or misplace them. But this one time, the cable transfer wouldn’t work, so I took the cards out and inserted them into my card reader. Then I must have forgotten to put it back in. 

But then, I remembered that the most important thing in any situation is to stay calm and have a positive attitude. So, I explained the situation to my clients, apologized at least five times, and you know what? They were very understanding. They allowed me to quickly go back home and retrieve my memory card while they waited for me in the studio. Although we lost some time, the rest of the session was a huge success. We were able to create some beautiful memories, and the clients were happy. I took some beautiful images of the 7-month-old baby and her eight-year-old sister, and I captured the whole family laughing and showing how much they love each other. It was one of my most favourite sessions.

This experience just shows the importance of not only preparation (that I should have done) but also of choosing a flexible and adaptable photographer. Even the best-laid plans can go disrupted, but it’s how the photographer handles the situation that really makes the difference. In this case, my clients were understanding and allowed me the time to retrieve the missing memory card. In turn, I allowed them more time in the studio and added some extra images to their package for the inconvenience. This allowed us to still have a successful and memorable photo shoot. 

When choosing a photographer, it’s important to consider their ability to handle unexpected situations and to keep a positive attitude. This ensures not only a stress-free photo shoot experience but also the assurance that your memories will be captured in the best way possible, no matter what obstacles may arise.

So, what can we learn from this experience?

As clients, it’s important to understand that setbacks can happen during a session. However, by choosing a photographer who is adaptable and can handle unexpected obstacles, you can trust that your memories will be captured in the best way possible. The end result is always more important than the temporary setbacks along the way.