Frequently Asked Questions


Do you deliver every image that you shoot?

No, I don’t. I carefully choose and edit only the best images that reflect the quality of my work.

Do you edit all images that you deliver?

Yes, I do. I do basic colour correction and perform post-processing on the photos where artistically necessary. I don’t edit out scars, freckles, beauty marks, and anything permanent unless I am told to do so by my client. I also make sure that your wall art is beautiful and unique.

Where will our session take place?

We'll select the perfect location tailored to your desires and requirements! I can arrange for our session in one of several top-tier studios in Markham and Toronto. Additionally, I'm more than happy to travel to your home or any outdoor location, such as parks or beaches, to add a natural touch to our session. Together, we'll choose the backdrop that best tells your family's story!

Some of my outdoor recommendations for your outdoor session are:
- Edwards Gardens,
- Evergreen Brickworks,
- Guild Inn and Gardens,
- Woodbine Beach,
- Scarborough Bluffs
- Kariya Park

Some of my favourite studio locations are:
- Mintroom Studios - 300 Campbell Ave Unit, Toronto, M6P 3V6
- Preto Loft - 213 Sterling Rd, Toronto, M6R 2B2
- Mild Studios - 9 Davies Ave, Toronto, M4M 1G3
- Linen and Love Studios - 155 McIntosh Dr, Markham, L3R 5H6

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Interac online e-transfer, Credit/Debit Card, and PayPal .I do not accept cash for the time being.

I do not accept any kind of checks at all. All payments must be completed before receiving the final product.

How to prepare for my session?

Your session day should be special. This is all about you and your family, so let’s have fun! It’s important to come prepared for your session, that way you will feel more relaxed and comfortable that day. Here are some tips for your session:
Rest up well a day before.
Eat before your session! We need to make sure that you will have the energy needed to look fabulous! Trust me, smiling and posing can be exhausting.
If your child/children are being photographed, bring some snacks and a water bottle for them. I also found out that bringing a favourite toy helps a lot!
Arrive five minutes before your session.
If you have any concerns, let me know in advance if possible. This will help the session run smoothly. The consultation is a great way for questions and to let me know how you’d like your memories to be captured!

Do you have any styling and clothing tips?

Yes, I have some tips that will help your photos look perfect!
Plan your outfit in advance.
Try avoiding wearing matching colours for a family photo. By selecting a colour scheme and using hues that complement each other, you can achieve a more natural look across the board. For example, different shades of blue.
Keep in mind your home décor. Choose colours that blend in seamlessly with the colour scheme of your home.
Avoid large logos and distracting patterns - they will become a distraction.
Don’t forget to do your nails - they can be manicured or left natural. Check your children’s nails and take off the chipped polish.
If you wish to wear makeup, it should be a little bit heavier than usual.
The best accessory that you can bring with you is your confidence!

What are your COVID-19 precautions?

I care a lot about my clients. That's why I keep my physical distance and wear a mask when needed - especially with babies.

I also carry hand sanitizer, and I use it often.

If you are unwell, we will reschedule your shoot for a mutually convenient day. If I feel unwell, I will let you know immediately.

UPDATE: I use a face masks when in the studio with newborn babies only. If you are uncomfortable, and wish I wore a mask at your session, please let me know - I can accommodate your request.