It was back in February. At that time, I really wanted to make something special. So, I got in touch with Stephany, a great mom of two who lives in Toronto, and I told her about my idea. She was really excited, and we started working together right away.

I went to a local fabric store to find the perfect material. I was looking for fabric that could be used as both clothes and a cover and that would also look nice and dreamy on the floor. I talked to the lady who worked there, and she quickly pointed me to a section with lots of rolls of cotton fabric. I knew what I wanted – the fabric couldn't be too soft or too stiff - I was looking for something in the middle. After feeling a bunch of different fabric rolls, I finally found one that matched exactly what I had in mind. I wasn't sure how much I needed, so I bought a whole 20-meter roll, just to be safe.

I had booked the Pinkfloor Studio in Liberty Village for the photo session, and I was really excited. When the day came, I spent two hours getting everything ready – setting up the lights and backdrop for the pictures. We placed the first 10 meters of fabric on the floor and crumbled it to add texture, and wrapped Stephany in the remaining 10 meters. Taking pictures of kids can be tricky; you have to be quick to capture their natural moments. To keep the little ones engaged, my helpful assistant, Khushboo, held my tablet with cartoons playing to keep their attention. It was so much fun; I really love taking pictures that show the innocence and energy of kids.

While we were taking some lovely pictures, we had to take a break when Stephany needed to feed the youngest baby. I asked her if it would be okay to take some pictures of this sweet moment between her and the baby. She said yes, and then had a wonderful idea of breastfeeding both of her boys! Those pictures turned out to be really special.