If you love Christmas and have children, you probably at some point considered taking them for a Santa Photo. Maybe, you also wondered what the difference is between a Santa session with a professional photographer vs the Santa picture at the Mall. In this post, I will try to explain the difference so that you know which is better suited for you and your family.

Santa mini sessions are a fun and festive way to capture your child’s Christmas spirit and create lasting memories of the holiday season. But what exactly is a Santa mini-session, and how is it different from a traditional Santa picture at the mall?

A Santa mini-session is a more intimate photography session that is held at a studio or outdoors. The themes can also differ, including sessions at Santa’s workshop, Santa’s kitchen (where your family can bake cookies with Santa himself), Christmas tree farm, and more! These sessions are typically more personalized and allow for more creativity and flexibility in terms of posing and background choices.

One of the biggest differences between a Santa mini-session and a mall Santa picture is the level of personalization. In a Santa mini-session, the photographer will work closely with you to create a unique and custom experience tailored to your child’s interests and personality. That might include incorporating props and decorations that reflect your child’s favourite things, poses, or activities that capture their unique spirit.

Let’s not forget about the price. Santa mini sessions can be more expensive than mall Santa pictures. The cost of a Santa mini-session typically includes the photographer’s time and talent, Santa’s time and talent, and studio space and props. Additionally, the final images will often be available for purchase as digital files or print products, which can add to the overall cost.

However, the investment in a Santa mini-session is often worth it for the unique and personalized experience it provides. The session will be tailored to your child’s interests and personality, and the final images will represent your family uniquely. The photographer will be able to create poses and compositions that are unique and visually interesting, with the use of different backgrounds, props, and lighting. You’ll also have the opportunity to review and approve the final images before they are delivered to you.

Additionally, Santa mini sessions also offer more time and attention from Santa himself. Your child will have the opportunity to chat with Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes and the photographer will capture those special moments. While a child spends on average 2 minutes on Santa’s lap, with a mini session, your child will get 10-15 minutes all alone with his Christmas hero. Parents can also talk to the photographer beforehand and bring gifts that Santa will hand to their children himself. What an experience!